H & H Studios

Capturing Your Priceless Moments

About H & H Studios

H & H Studios is one of Atlanta's premier wedding videography companies.  Winner of WeddingWire Couple;s Choice Awards 3 years in the role.  We specialize in high quality, artistic wedding films at prices that will suit your budget. Our goal is to capture this priceless moment in time!

​​Weddings can be an amazing time with friends and family. Having a video that tells the story will help you keep the best memories of your life for your entire lifetime. Our team will make your wedding experience unforgettable.

5 Reasons Why H & H Studios Is Different



We create each film from scratch for each of our clients. This means that we are passionate about our jobs. After all, if we’re creating films specifically catered to each couple, you are going to instantly gravitate towards the film and watch it over and over again.
Yes… You are the stars on your wedding day, but we think it’s very important to interview most of your guests, family, & friends. As well as you, having a blast during this very exciting moment in your life. This day only happens once.


Have you thought about how you'd want your videography crew to work on your wedding day? Our crew works very hard at standing out the way. Which means that we are less directorial and more observant and unobtrusive. Our main focus is to film your day as it authentically happens vs. directing the action to get a different angle, etc. Great videograhpers knows how to film all required angles without directing. We want you to remember your day… Not us directing you, because that's the photographer's job.



We do not shoot from a pre-determined edit. This means that we tend to shoot a lot more footage than most studios.  A studio should always have more footage, than not enough footage.

We don't just capture the romantic moments. Dancing and laughter are also very important moments to capture and share with the world. Relax and let loose on your speacial day because it only happens once.