H & H Studios

Capturing Your Priceless Moments


Any event for us is not only about capturing video, – It’s about creating the history, catching the best moments, saving emotions, and creating happy memories for a lifetime. 

Here at H & H Studios, we strive to design and produce something that is unique & creative. We want to create that special Film that will move you, and ultimatley, be something you will cherish for a lifetime. In most cases, we invest 65+ hours into your production. 

More than just a "videographer" - We are changing the way you view weddings. We say that, because there seems to be a stigma attached to the word "videographer." This is why we like to use the word "Films" to describe our work, along with the use of Cinematography + Film Makers. We truly give your Wedding a movie like feel. With the use of quality, High Definition cameras, we are able to capture your wedding in a clear, crisp, and vibrant way.

More Than Just the Equipment - Along with advances in equipment, the way videos are shot have also transformed. Our approach to shooting a wedding, is of a cinematic style. This approch delivers a "film" or "movie" type of look. This style aims to increase the emotional impact through use of effects, saturated colors, creative camera angles and dramatic music. It has that wow factor that tells your story in a unique way.

There are a lot of Atlanta weddings  each year and there are many wedding "vidoegraphers" out there, but not all wedding "videographers" are the same. When it comes to your Wedding, we  realize that you put a lot of time and planning into that special day. So, why wouldn't you want the same amount of detail & effort put into capturing it on film? Don't let something as important as your wedding, be filmed by just anyone, let someone who has the passion and creative ability to capture it as it should be. We would be honored to film your wedding.

Not in the Metro Atlanta area? No worries... we travel!